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My Top 10 Pokemon From The Original 151 Pokemon. 10-8

16 Mar

I decided not to include legendaries.

#10: Cubone. It’s mainly because of it’s sad backstory  and the fact his mask is kind of cool looking. Apart from that there isn’t that much to say. 

#9:Blastoise. Out of all the fully evolved Gen 1 starters Blastoise is definitely my favorite, there’s just something so awesome about a giant blue tortoise with cannons coming out of it. And you just gotta love that smug grin he has. 

#8: Genger. There’s something really cool looking about that spiky chubby body with spikes along with that badass grin, and the whole thing of him possibly being Clefable’s shadow makes him all the more interesting. 


Retro Temple Is Now Up!

2 Mar

I am happy to announce that this blog is now up, I plan to make a forum to go with this blog in the future.