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Wow Touhou is hard

31 Dec

Been playing some of the 6th Touhou game, and it’s really kicking my butt. Could only get to the 3rd half-way boss on the dreaded “easy modo”. ¬†Though as anyone who’s played these games can say the music is absolutely beautiful. Speaking of music, I discovered the the game has an option to render the music in 16 bit MIDI’s. Seeing as how I like the sound of consoles like the SNES this MIDI option was a nice find.


Went Fishing.

30 Dec

Well I went fishing with my brother which turned out to be a complete nightmare. The fishing rod I was to use broke, and I couldn’t walk home because the only way home I knew was flooded, and there is no way I’m walking through water I can’t see the bottom of; especially when it’s connected to a body of water where crocodiles have been spotted. So I was forced to wait for hours while my brother caught no fish. Fun times.


BTW I actually really like fishing. When I actually get to do some fishing, though I prefer fishing in more relaxing areas as opposed to the more noisy beaches and piers.

GT is turning 20 next month!

30 Dec

What to say? I know GT isn’t the most popular show on the planet but it does have some fun moments and some of it’s contributions to the law of Dragonball are worthwhile IMO. Though I have to say the Super 17 isn’t as good as I remember it, however I still think the fight with Baby is very well done. Here’s hoping GT’s quirky little additions will live on through the video games.

Also I just realised I’m going to be 20 in a few months.

Re-branding this blog.

30 Dec

I haven’t touched this blog in ages, but I am not done with it. I have decided to retool it into my personal blog. However things won’t change much, a majority of the posts will probably still be retro gaming related in one way or another. Welcome to Mantisblog.